You know the saying “you should never judge a book by its cover”? Well the same things can be said about the girls of Tempe12. On the outside some might think they are just a pretty face with a banging body and limited vocabulary, but if you take the time to look past the cover you may be surprised to see there is much more.

So, who are the girls of Tempe12? For those of you who lack the ability to see past the hair, make-up and awesome racks, we shall explain. They are a group of individual girls that all attend Arizona State University. They have a 3.0 GPA or higher (and no, that is not combined) and have some of the most unique personalities on campus. They are outgoing, fun and genuinely enjoy getting involved in our community, not because they have to, but because they want to. It is those similarities that bring them together, but it’s their distinctive personalities that make them individuals.

Bet most of you don’t know that two of the twelve girls are in the Barrett Honors College and another one is on her way to becoming a doctor. Some are actually a little nerdy and are obsessed with playing Call of Duty. One can speak 3 languages. Some, that’s right some, like to party and use chips as chasers, and some just like to chill. They are all down to earth and love meeting new people. Their good looks only enhance their other qualities that most people don’t realize they have until they get to know them. Next time you see them on campus or out on Mill, go say hi because they love meeting new people!