ASU Undie Run Pictures 2013

Thousands of Arizona State Sundevils gather every year on the last day of classes to strip down their clothes and donate to charity and celebrate yet another great school year! It’s the last big event before everyone has to get down to business and study for finals. Everyone looks forward to the Undie Run! This year the beloved Tempe12 girls came out and donated clothes and canned food to the event. The undie run isn’t complete without Tempe12. It’s a great charity event and Tempe12 is always willing to come out and help the community. Tempe12 had a great time stripping down and celebrating the last day of classes before finals start. Were you able to get a picture with any of the girls? Channing, Moriah, Isabella and all the girls were all running around and having a great time! They were even on stage singing and dancing along! Do you have any pictures, send them to us! Last year Arizona State University was able to donate 9,000+ pounds of clothing  and 3,000 lbs of food.  One of the primary objectives of the ASU Undie Run is to provide care for the less fortunate by donating the clothing taken off at the event to various charities around the state. In 2009, the ASU Undie Run donated so much clothing that it required 4 different charity organizations to handle it all. Think we were able to beat that this year? We think so! ASU always comes in top two every year for the event. Next year be sure to stop by! Every year the Undie Run gets bigger and better.

Special Thanks to The Hub On Campus for getting the girls undies for the Undie Run. All the girls had a great time and helped out a great cause! What better way to end the school year than by giving back to the community!

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