Autumn Breann Is A Die Hard Sundevil Fan!


School: ArizonaStateUniversity

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Major: Economics

GPA: 4.0


Autumn Breann loves to listen to K-Pop and enjoys spending her time reading comic books. She is the president of the Slumdog Millionaire fan club. She would describe herself as being a combination of Stephen Hawking, Ellen Degeneres, Arsenio Hall and Oprah. You can find Autumn hanging out at Hayden Library and catching up on all her homework. She enjoys listening to country, pop and even hard rock at times, Mad Men is definitely her favorite show ever! Autumn enjoys going out to sushi and is always down to get a pizza! She is looking forward to pursuing a double major in Economics and Finance. She would love to attend Harvard and someday have a career in New York or San Francisco.

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