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Name: Harley Larson
School: Arizona State University
Hometown: Queen Creek, AZ
Major: Broadcast Journalism
GPA: 3.0
Why did Harley Larson want to be a 12?
I wanted to be a 12 when I saw how much the girls have an impact at ASU. They are like little celebrities on campus, and ultimately have the power to set good examples for the students at ASU.
What do you want to be when you grow up/ how will being a 12 help?
My dream job when I grow up is to become a Victorias Secret angel, Tempe 12 can help from purely the exposure and having the honor to work with famous photographers. Although when I graduate from ASU I plan on securing an internship with the E! networks and eventually workin my way up to being one of the lead anchors on E! News.
Best trip you have ever taken?
The best trip I have ever taken was when I went to Laguna Beach CA with my family. We stayed in a hotel on the beach, watched the sun set over the ocean every night, swam with dolphins and at the end of the trip my parents surprised us kids with a trip to Disney Land on our way home. It was a great two weeks with my amazing family and I woulnt trade those memories for the world.

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Favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus has to be the Sun devil stadium. Football season is my favorite time of year, walking into that stadium on game day and watching the opening ceremony will forever give me Goosebumps and makes my ASU pride grow every year.
What’s your major and how did you decided on that?
My major is broadcast journalism/mass media. I decided on this as a major when I realized I wanted to do entertainment broadcasting for a living and learned that ASU has one of the best journalism schools in the nation.
Tell us something about you that people wouldn’t expect from just looking at you?
Something about myself that people wouldn’t expect by just looking at me would be that I am a HUGE tom-boy. I started racing dirt bikes when I was five years old and it is my passion to this day. Also, I am obsessed with football. The Denver Broncos are and will forever be my team, BroncosNation.
How have things changed since you’ve become a 12?
My life hasn’t changed much since becoming a 12 but I did get an amazing job doing promotional modeling for Supercross, and I love it! I’ve been a lot more busy with things around campus, I have joined an organization that puts on events and fundraisers for mentally disabled children which is very close to my heart. The only other thing is that I am known around campus a lot more now, I love that I have met so many new and amazing people!
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Favorite college memory?
My favorite college memory by far would have to be my birthday freshman year, I was with all of my close friends and we had just moved into our dorms. All of my friends and I decided to go out last minute to a fraternity party, long story short we turned an entire complex frat party into my personal birthday party and as the last few seconds passed closer to midnight everyone started the count down and when the clock hit 12, a loud, very out of tune “happy birthday” song rang through the plex. It was hands down the best night of college so far.
What do you look for in a guy?
I look for a killer personality in a guy, I 100% believe in the idea of the “click”. If I don’t click with a guy right away its hard for me to stay interested. I also love maturity but with a silly side, if you can make me laugh that’s a big plus. I’m not a girly girl at all so if you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, go fishing or mudding, big points. Also, I hate to be treated like I’m defenseless, I’m very independent and can take care of myself, but a protective guy is definitely something I look for. And last but not least looks are always a big part, eyes and teeth are the main features I look at.
Tell us about your best and worst date?
The best date I have ever gone on wasn’t even technically a date but this guy that I was really into and I were the only two in our dorm over spring break freshman year and decided to randomly go to saguaro lake one day, we drove all the way to the lake singing country songs and talking about anything that came up, there was never an awkward moment. When we got there the water was super cold so we waded in slowly, he kept pretending to splash me and we taunted each other back and forth, when the sun started going down we drove back up to campus and spent the rest of the day together just laughing and enjoying each others company.
The worst date I have ever been on was with a guy who I had never met in person before picked me up and we were going to get sushi. We ate and had nothing to talk about, it was awkward the entire time. When it was time to pay he realized he conveniently forgot his wallet so I paid for both of us and lets just say he did not have a small apatite. As we were leaving the restaurant he suggests we go get ice cream and go to a movie. With you not having your wallet? I thought to myself, um no; and told him to just take me home. Then he wondered why I didn’t call him back the next day. Ha.

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Why did you decided on asu?
I decided on going to ASU because I have grown up in Arizona my whole life and my family is full of die hard sun devil fans. When I was old enough to take a tour of the Tempe campus I completely fell in love and my mind was made up. ASU is located in the most beautiful place to live and makes the college experience that much better.
Tell us about where you grew up
I grew up in Queen Creek AZ, it is a small little desert town were everyone knows everyone and is perfect for getting the dirt bikes out and just riding for miles. I grew up with horses, riding every weekend. I am a huge daddies girl, I was always in the garage with him wile he worked on our motorcycles, we went fishing, rode our dirt bikes in Yuma at Buttercup sand dunes, and had skid mark contests in our back yard with our bicycles. I love where I grew up. It was the perfect place for my sister and I to spend our childhoods .
Whats one item you can’t live without and why?
One item I could not live without is my cellphone, I call my family about twice a day, being so far from home and being in college it gets hard to be away from my family so staying in touch with them is very important to me. I also love my social media, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook keep me in the loop with all of my friends away at school and the ones still here. My phone also keeps me organized.

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