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Martika Bradley
School: Arizona State University
Hometown: Santa Clarita, California
Major: Communications
GPA: 3.7
Martika Bradley works for the ASU Athletic Department so you can always find her on the field or in the front row. She loves her job because she gets to meet so many new people and the people she works with are like family to her!
Why did you want to be a 12?
I would like to be a 12 girl because it’s an opportunity not a lot of girls get. I have always wanted to get into modeling but I am a super shy person. So this experience will allow me to be more outgoing. Being chosen as a 12 is such an honor because I am being recognized for my brains and beauty.
What do you want to be when you grow up/ how will being a 12 help?
In a few years, after graduating college I would love you get into the entertainment business. I have always wanted to have my own show about love and relationships or news about the hottest celebrities. Being a 12 can help me toward my dream by networking with many different people.
Tell us something about you that people wouldn’t expect from just looking at you?
Many people don’t expect me to be a talkative person when they look at me. I always get that I look shy and quiet but once you meet me, I’m a hyper person who loves to talk and try new things.

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Where is Martika Bradley’s favorite place on campus?
My favorite place of campus would have to be the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. After going to the gym I feel energetic and healthy. I also love Vista Del Sol’s pool. Its so relaxing with the music playing and the water is just perfect. It makes me feel like I am at a resort.
What’s your major and how did you decided on that?
My major at ASU is communication. I choose this major because it is so broad and I can explore many different career paths. I can be an indecisive person, so I have changed my major a million times in the past. Therefore, at the time of choosing my major when I applied to ASU, majoring in communication seemed to be the best fit for me.
What is the best trip you have ever taken?
The best trip I have ever taken was coming to visit ASU for the first time. I came with my friend out here and we stayed with our other friend who already went to ASU. It was the best trip because I got to experience the college life for a weekend. This trip ultimately is what made my decision to come to ASU.
How have things changed since you’ve become a 12?
Since I have become a 12, not a lot has changed, except that I have more friends. Also, more people are asking to be my friend on Instagram. Not a lot of people know yet because I’m not the type of person to broadcast it.

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What is Martika Bradley’s favorite college memory?
My favorite college moment was at a pool party at Vista Del Sol. Everyone was having a great time, it was super packed, and free food. It was honestly like pool parties that are on TV where everyone is having a blast.
What do you look for in a guy?
I like guys who are a little older than me because they are more mature. I am attracted to nice, outgoing, athletic, intelligent, and humorous guys. If a guy has all those traits that makes him HOT in my eyes. I was taught to never pick a guy based off looks.
Tell us about your best and worst date?
My best date was with an ex boyfriend of mine. He took me to Disneyland which is my favorite amusement park. It wasn’t the most creative date but it was the best because he actually listened to what I like and took me. He went out of his way to get front of the line passes and bought me what ever I wanted at the park. The worst date I have ever been on would have to be when a guy took me on a hike at Malibu Creek and a picnic. He told me we were having a picnic so I wore shorts and sandals. The problem was it wasn’t a flat surface and I had to walk through bushes, so I got scratches all over my legs.

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Why did you decided on ASU?
I decided on ASU because it is far enough but still close to home, so I can be more independent. It also has division I sports and I love to watch sports. ASU is one of the schools that have nice housing, like resort-style living. This school also offers many different majors, so I thought if I decide to change my major, at least I wont have to change schools.
Tell us about where you grew up
I grew up in the suburbs called Santa Clarita in California. It is most known for the place where Six Flags Magic Mountain is, but to me its home. I was born and raised here and lived in the same house my whole life. I loved living here because it was always safe. It is also close to many tourist places like Hollywood, Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach and many more.
What’s one item you can’t live without and why?
One item I cannot live without is my IPhone. I do everything on my phone like check emails, social media sites, text, talk, and use varies apps that make my days a little easier. It’s sad to say I am very dependent on my phone.

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