Taylor Coopman Loves Sushi 101!

School: Arizona State University

Hometown:  Orange County

Major: Psychology

GPA: 3.0

Taylor Coopman is our girl of the day. Taylor loves that there is always something to do and new people to meet at ASU. Her favorite music is hip hop and rap, but she likes pretty much every genre. She likes to watch Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy when she has free time, but her absolute favorite thing to do is workout. She loves being able to go to the Sundevil Fitness Gym and workout right on campus whenever she want. Taylor spends the majority of her time at the gym and studying. She tries to eat healthy most of the time, but she loves chipotle and sushi 101! If you want to win your way into this girls heart be sure to take her out on a sushi date!

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