Throw on a Maroon Shirt and Show off Your ASU Pride

Ashley Flores ASU Coed-a
Name: Ashley Flores 
School: Arizona State University
Hometown: Beltsville, Maryland
Major: Business Communications
GPA: 3.8

Tell us something about you that people wouldn’t expect from just looking at you.
From first glance you would never be able to tell that I’m adventurous. I love going cliff jumping, hiking and on spontaneous adventures to haunted places. I’m the type of girl that if you call me and say “Ash, wouldn’t it be crazy if we did this?” I’d respond back and say “yes, so be ready in 15 minutes.” It keeps life interesting and I love the thrill. I love trying new things and being able to say “I did that.”

Why did you want to be a 12?
I wanted to be a 12 because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The experience is one many girls dream to have but unfortunately cannot. I am so beyond thankful to have been chosen to represent Tempe 12. I believe the girls are role models. They are not only beautiful but have brains too. Each girl is unique with traits that contribute to Tempe 12. Ever since my brother came to ASU in 2007, I have dreamed of being a 12. I also wanted to be a 12 because it’s a confidence booster. I’m sometimes self-conscious and tempe12 taught me that I’m beautiful and to quit caring so much about what other people say.

What do you want to be when you grow up/ How will being a 12 help?
Although I am not set on an exact job for my future. I am sure I want to stick with something in my major of business communications. I know Tempe 12 can benefit me in the long run because it will not only teach me new skills but it will also better my organization, time management, dedication, hard work, and communication skills. It will broaden my horizon and allow me to network with more people than I ever could have without being a 12.

Ashley Flores ASU Coed-b
Favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus is hands down the top of A mountain at sunset. It is like a little escape. I love running up to the top and then sit there and just think. It is a great exercise, relaxing and beautiful. It helps you forget about everything for a little bit and escape reality.

What’s your major and how did you decide on that?
My major is Business Communications. I decided on this major because I knew regardless of what I wanted to do in life, a business major could benefit me. Of course I hate all the pre requisites that all business majors have to take but I know it is worth it.

Best trip you have ever taken?
The best trip I have ever taken was my cruise to Jamaica and the Grand Caymans with my mom my freshman year. I’m a family girl and my mom is my best friend. It was my first time out of the country and it was spontaneous. We booked it last minute and had the time of our lives. We swam with dolphins and wild stingray in the middle of the crystal blue ocean. We also went to the waterfalls where we cliff jumped. A lot of other college students were on the cruise as well, so I met a lot of people from different universities. Of course when they heard I went to ASU, they asked about the parties, which was funny to talk about.

How have things changed since you’ve become a 12?
Ever since I was introduced as one of the official 2013-2014 Tempe12 girls a lot has changed. I am always busy but with fun stuff. A lot of people recognize me and joke around about being a miniature celebrity. I love the personal trainer aspect because I am obsessed with working out. I like having someone push me to my limits and encourage me to work harder and harder each day. The release parties are so much fun. Being introduced to so many new faces is always nice. The photos shoots are a blast. Music is always bumping and the photographers are hilarious. I also have 11 new best girl friends that I love so much. It’s amazing how well we get along and in such a short period of time.

Ashley Flores ASU Coed-c

Favorite college memory?
My favorite college memory was the first Friday night at ASU with my roommates. We first went to the Tiki Luau and stole all the pizza. Then we went on all the water slides. My roommate and I started challenging guys to do back tucks in the grass, in bikinis. It was a sight. Later that night we went to a party where we knew absolutely no one and just danced like we were being video taped for a music video. Then we went frat hopping for the first time and ended up meeting some of our best guy friends. I learned that night to never wear an outfit you care about because it got destroyed, especially my shoes. Silly freshman move.
What do you look for in a guy?
I like guys who are confident, funny, faithful, outgoing, athletic and smart. A guy with family values is a must. I have an attitude sometimes so I definitely look for a guy who won’t allow me to walk all over him. I’m a spontaneous and adventurous person so I look for that in a guy as well. I need a chase so I hate when things come easy. I don’t want a guy who is going to spoil me or give me everything I want because I am not into that at all. They also need to know how to be independent. I’m not into the whole “we need to be together 24/7.” I like giving each other space and have girl or bro nights. I do not want them dropping their friends or spending so little time with them because that can lead to an unhealthy relationship that none of your friends approve of.
Tell us about your best and worst date.
My best date would have to be when we went on a hike at the Great Falls in MD/VA. It was great weather and beautiful scenery. It was nice getting to do something different. We then got lost trying to find out restaurant but it was so funny and cute. We ended up eating at a little hole in the wall restaurant. The food was Italian and so yummy. Then we got a bunch of snacks, cleaned up and watched a movie.
My worst date would have to be when I got asked to a movie and dinner. The guy ended up picking me up with a whole bunch of his friends and his ex… It was beyond the most awkward thing of my life. Then at dinner, he had his ex sit next to him instead of me. The entire time I wanted to cry. Worst of all, his friends didn’t have enough money to pay so I had to pay for them. Talk about a nightmare.
Ashley Flores ASU Coed-d

Why did you decide on ASU?
I decided on ASU when I found myself comparing every university to it. Every college visit I would go on, I’d tell my parents “but ASU has this..” My brother came here in 2007 and I fell in love with the campus. The entire atmosphere was breath taking. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about snow or super cold weather when walking to class. I wanted a school that was big on athletics and greek life and ASU has that. Everyone has school spirit, which I love. The business program is amazing. The parties are a big plus too.

Tell us about where you grew up.
Although I love Arizona, nothing can compare to where I grew up. I’m sure everyone feels that way. I grew up 10 minutes from Washington D.C, so I got to experience more than most people. Having friends visit is always fun because you can pretend to be a tour guide because you know D.C like the back of your hand. University of Maryland is right next to me so I grew up in a college town. With every college town comes all the food choice in the world, entertainment and parties. The diversity is something I am so grateful for. I cannot imagine ever growing up somewhere where I am sheltered. Lastly, the location is amazing because you can drive 2 hours one direction and be at the beach, drive 2 hours the other direction and be ready to camp in the mountains. It is home.

What’s one item you can’t live without and why?
One item I cannot live without is my Aquaphor chap stick. I am allergic to a lot of moisturizers so I can’t use a large variety of lip products. I literally apply it every hour. I love having soft lips. You can also use it on your skin and it’s magic. It makes me so soft.

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