Girl Of The Day – Mia Ohyama

School:  Arizona State University

Hometown: Sapporo, Japan

Major: Psychology

GPA: 3.2

Our Girl of the Day today is Mia Ohyama. She loves everything about college, especially ASU. She enjoys going out and socializing. Meeting new people and networking is almost a hobby for her. Mia also enjoys to read, she likes kicking back at the pool and enjoying a good book. Her favorite television shows are Law and Order: SVU, Workaholics, Weeds, Breaking Bad, and Sex and the City. When Mia isn’t studying she out by the pool tanning or going shopping. Mia loves to travel. She has been to  Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Korea, and all over the US. She was born in Japan and lived there until I was about 7. She moved to Omaha, Nebraska and grew up there until my freshman year. For freshman year, she went to a private school in Sapporo, Japan but soon knew that ASU was the school for her. It’s been almost a year now and she loves ASU!


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