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Get Away With Haley Wilson

School: Arizona State University
Hometown: Spirit Lake, Iowa
Major: Urban and Environmental Engineering/Pre-Law
GPA: 3.33

2 Chainz? A$ap Rocky? Haley Wilson will bump anything upbeat with a deep base. Who doesn’t like to play their music as loud as you can. Mix in some Porter Robinson, and you’ve got her attention for the rest of the night. You like basketball too? Done deal, Haley will smoke you on a one on one. Her favorite team are the Chicago Bulls. Smart, dedicated, and open minded are just a few ways to describe this girl. She wants to become and 12 to live up the ASU spirit to its fullest. She’s all about good looks and good grades with a touch of the Midwest! What do you guys think?

Britney Campbell

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Psychology

GPA: 3.8

Today our lovely hopeful is Britney Campbell. Britney is an incoming freshmen and loves to watch football, especially ASU’s football team. She can be found hanging out at the Memorial Union with her friends having lunch. She would describe herself as being funny, intelligent  outgoing, motivated, and cheerful.Britney wants to be a 12 so that she could meet new students and thinks that it would be a great conversation starter with other students on campus. She just arrived to ASU and wants to make a lot of new friends.

Julyah Rose – Hopeful

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Business Sustainability

GPA: 3.0

Today’s beautiful hopeful is Julyah Rose. Julyah loves to spend time with her sorority sisters on the weekend or stay at home and relax with her best friend at home. She can be found at the library studying for the most part.  Julyah would love to one day be a model and possibly do runway. She didn’t really follow sports much but loves her Sun Devils! The best part about college for her so far has been meeting all the new people and seeing how different every ones personality is. Julyah is really friend so if you see her at school or out with friends say hi!

Shannon Reilly- Hopeful

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Marketing

GPA: 3.0

Would you look at that today’s hopeful is Shannon Reilly. She loves to watch the raiders play! If Shannon could describe herself she would say that she is outgoing, driven, classy, hard working and intelligent! She loves being in college because she has made a lot of great friends and college has brought her even closer to the friends she already had. Keep an eye out for Shannon boys 😉


Megan Trow- Hopeful

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Broadcast journalism

GPA: 3.0

Today’s hopeful is Megan Trow. She loves her raiders. She’s going to school for broadcast journalism and has high hopes for herself. Megan loves to eat! Her favorite food consists of pizza, chipotle, and anything with a bunch of flavors. She says that “if she didn’t work out she would be a billion labels heavier!” Megan wants to be a 12 because she wants to be part of a tightly knitted community.

Danielle Rufenacht – Hopeful

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Filmmaking

GPA: 3.0


Today we have Danielle Rufenacht. She is a Filmmaking major and loves to watch her Green Bay Packers play football! If you need to find Danielle you can most likely find her in the library. She wants to be a 12 so that she can show that a girl can still have style and beauty along with brains. The one thing about college that she loves the most is picking and choosing what you get to learn. She likes to be in control of her own life and be able t control what she learns and what classes to take.

Lauren Lowens – Hopeful

Hometown: Anthem, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Criminology

GPA: 3.7

Would you look at that! Today we have Lauren Lowens as our hopeful! She loves her roommate and likes all the different bold personalities there are on her freshmen dorm room floor. She would describe herself as being fierce, aggressive, reliable, open-minded and outgoing. You can find Lauren spending her time in the secret garden on campus! She wants to be a 12 because she thinks she would make a great candidate and truly has the personality to show off.

Imani Change- Hopeful

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

School: Arizona State University

Major: Business Sustainability; women and gender studies

GPA: 3.53


Check it out we have Chicago Blackhawks fan. Imani Change as our hopeful today! She would describer herself as being fun, outgoing, friendly, bold, and loving. She loves college life and hope it never will end! She loves college because it gives her the opportunity to spend so much time learning all different kinds of things from exceptional professors.  One big thing as to why Imani wants to be a 12 is because she thinks that “the girls are hot and would love to be a apart of that!”

Taylor Ross- Hopeful

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Business Communication

GPA: 3.5


Our lovely girl of the day today is Taylor Ross. She can be found out by the courtyard in front of Fletcher library on west campus. She would describe herself as being social, driven competitive, bubbly, and bold. She loves to watch her Arizona Cardinals play football when season starts! She really enjoys college and all the different experiences that it holds. She always played a sport and is definitely a social butterfly. Taylor likes getting to know people on a personal level.