Pearl Osei – Hopeful

Hometown:  Accra, Ghana

School: Arizona State University

Major: Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology) (BS)

GPA: 3.5

Today we have the beautiful Pearl! Pearl loves going to ASU because she loves to be a part of a community and make new friends. Her favorite places on campus are the MU and the library, so keep an eyes out for her! Pearl describes herself as smart, beautiful, respectful, confident and friendly. She thinks should would make a good Tempe12 because, “i saw a magazine and an add to become a model. i’ve loved modeling since i was growing up, i never got the chance to get involved. i have attended a modeling school and have a certiPearl Oseificate in advanced modeling and acting but i never was able to use it, and i know tempe12 can make this come true for me”.

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