Allie Vossoughi Stays Grounded With School

School: Arizona State University
Hometown: Modesto, CA
Major: Business Marketing, Minor in Design Studies
GPA: 3.4

Allie Vossoughi is a fun, out going girl. She came to ASU from California to study business. We don’t blame her for making the move here, since W.P. Carey School of Business is one of the best business schools in the nation. Allie loves going to ASU and shows it through her school spirit. She likes to hangout by the Starbucks at the Memorial Union and catching up with friends during her breaks. You may find her there, unless shes deep inside Hayden Library studying for her exams. Allie knows its important to stay on top of her game for school.

We can’t wait to hangout with Allie during her spare time!

Find Shannon Reilly Around The Memorial Union

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

School: Arizona State University

Major: Marketing

GPA: 3.0

If Shannon Reilly could describe herself she would say that she is outgoing, driven, classy, hard working and intelligent! She loves being in college because she has made a lot of great friends and college has brought her even closer to the friends she already had. Keep an eye out for Shannon around the Memorial Union boys; it’s her favorite spot on campus!  Shannon wants to be apart of Tempe12 because she wants to represent her school and make more friends!

Would you out Shannon in this years calendar?

Sharmayne Maytes Loves Her Sundevil’s

School: Arizona State University

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Major: Finance

GPA: 2.8

Today we have Sharmayne Maytes. Sharmayne is a native to the Phoenix area and describes herself as smart, independent, self-motivated, caring, and fun! Her favorite place on campus is the Memorial Union where she enjoys meeting new people and hanging out between classes. Sharmayne’s favorite sports team is the Sundevil’s Football Team. She loves to support her school and team by wearing maroon and gold on campus. She believes she would make a good addition to the 12 because, “ I would love to represent an amazing title as well as meet some amazing, fun, beautiful, and smart girls.”  What do you guys think about Sharmayne?

Ashley Kind- Girl of the Day

School: Arizona State University

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Major: Communications

GPA: 3.0

Our wonderful girl of the day today is Ashley Kind. Ashley’s favorite sports team is the Indianapolis Colts. Her favorite place on campus is the Memorial Union. She describes herself as fun, silly, energetic, independent and loyal. We asked Ashley why she wanted to be a Tempe12 and she said “I think I would bring a lot of fun to the mix. I transferred to ASU in January and when I heard about the 12 I thought it would be a great way to meet new people and network, I just had to get the guts to actually apply. The women in Tempe12 have brains and beauty, those are the kind of people I want to know”.

Karen Scearce – Girl of the Day

Hometown: Nogales, AZ
School: Arizona State University
Major: Family and Human Development
GPA: 3.1

On this beautiful Wednesday we have Karen Scearce as our Hopeful. Karen loves to be in the pool and splash around! Her favorite thing about college is all the amazing friends she’s made and all the different outlooks people have on life. Karen enjoys doing pageants and has been doing them ever since she was a little girl. She likes the thrill that it gives her! Karen loves to go out on the weekends and have a good time when she isn’t at home studying. If you want to find her on campus you can meet her at the Memorial Union seeping on a tasteful caramel frappuccino.