What Is Ashleigh Snow’s Wardrobe Staple?

School:  Arizona State University

Hometown: Surprise, AZ

Major: Marketing

GPA: 3.6

When going out for the evenings, Ashleigh Snow keeps it classy with a high waist skirt and stilettos. Everyday though, Ashleigh keeps it simple and comfy in some workout clothes.

Why did you want to be a 12 girl?

I know it sounds cliché, but honestly it was for the experience. Not only do I get to be in a calendar that is seen all around the world, I also get to meet 11 other amazing girls and an entire team of people that I’ll get to spend the year with. I thought it was also be a great opportunity to network and get my name out there since I am graduating soon.  Plus, how many people can say they were in a calendar!?


What do you want to be when you grow up/ How will being a 12 help?

My degree is in marketing and I want to do something in the health and beauty field. Not only does being a twelve mean that you are beautiful, it also means you have brains. I think Tempe12 will help give me the confidence to go out into the workforce and show people what I am capable of.


Tell us something about you that people wouldn’t expect from just looking at you?

I’m really shy so it takes me a long time to open up to people. I come off really shy and quiet, but once you really get to know me I’m a complete dork and you can’t get me to shut up!


What’s your major and how did you decide on that?

My major is marketing, I am in the WP Carey school of Business here at Arizona State University. I have always been really interested in the health and beauty industry, however I did so well in high school grade wise I really wanted to do something other than cosmetology or personal training that would utilize my brain, so I decided to choose the business side of the industry.


Best trip you have ever taken?

The best trip I’ve ever taken was my first Vegas trip. Jamie (who is one of my best friends now) and I decided to take a trip to Vegas when we barely knew each other. It was a spontaneous idea that neither of us thought would actually go through, but it did. It ended up being one of the best trips I’ve ever taken to date. We didn’t know much about each other so the whole trip we continued to learn new things and it would completely drama free. We just went with the flow and now we are pretty much inseparable.


How have things changed since you’ve become a 12?

The only things that have really changed is the soreness of my body from the personal training! I also have met so many new people. It’s crazy how much networking can be done through Tempe12! I am so excited for the rest of the year.


Favorite college memory?

I lived in Vista Del Sol my sophomore year of college and every single memory I have from there is a good one. I met my best friends there, did the undie run that year and it was the year that I felt most like a Sun Devil because I was right on campus. I could walk outside my door and there was always something going on or someone to talk to. Such a good year.


What do you look for in a guy?

I want someone with good goals and a solid future ahead of them. I’m definitely not looking to get married anytime soon, but I’ve always thought that it is a waste of time to date someone who you couldn’t potentially see a future with.


Tell us about your best and worst date? 

I’ve always been in really long term relationships so honestly I haven’t been on many dates! I think the simpler the better. I don’t think what you do on the date is really going to make a difference as to how much you like the person because their personality usually comes out whether you go on some extreme crazy date or just to go see a movie.


Why did you decide on ASU?

I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life, but no where close to Tempe. ASU is about 45 minutes away from my mom so I could still go home to see her on holiday’s but I was just far enough to feel like I was completely on my own. I also knew I wanted to pursue business and we have one of the best business schools out there!  And I can’t deny that ASU being known for a party school didn’t persuade me a little too!


Tell us about where you grew up? 

I grew up in Surprise Arizona which is about 45 minutes west of Tempe. It’s a fairly new, but small town and I lived there with my mom. I’m an only child and my mom’s single so it was just her and I for a long time which made it hard for me to leave for college!


What’s one item you can’t live without and why?

Hate to say it but probably my phone! One of the worst feelings is to be lonely and your phone always keeps you connected to the world! I always have it on me and you can usually just reach me by texting me.

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