What Is Jordan Lozoya’s Major?

School: Arizona State University

Hometown: Wayzata, MN

Major: Biology

GPA: 3

Jordan Lozoya’s major is biology, and she’s know she wanted to do biology since kindergarten. As a child, she would sit around for hours watching medical shows on the Discovery channel. It got the the point where, come time for doctor’s appointments, she’d actually know more than her mom when her doctor was explaining things. Although she loves drawing and fashion, nothing fascinates her than a good anatomy or biology class.


Why Did You Want To Be A Tempe12 Girl?:

I wanted to be a tempe12 girl to be able to get out there and try something new while meeting fun people who are similar to me. I am so happy to have this opportunity and will make the most of it! The 11 other girls are nice, smart, outgoing, and bubbly-social girls who just want to have fun! It’s always the highlight of my day to be able to spend time with just all us girls no matter what were doing.


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow-Up? And How Will Being A 12 Help?:

I want to do something that helps people. If I can make people smile and happy it makes me feel so much more accomplished and at peace. I am majoring in Biology. There are many opportunities in biology, it’s hard to narrow it down but I would love to either be in diagnostics or plastic surgery. In both jobs I will be interacting with people all the time and I think that by being a 12 it will help me get to know myself better so that I can better relate and interact with patients in the office!


Tell Us Something About You That People Wouldn’t Expect From Just Looking At You.

One thing that I don’t think that people would expect from looking at me is the fact that I love to get down and dirty playing hockey! Growing up in a land of ice and snow, Minnesota, it was a huge pass time for everyone and a great sport to play with a bunch of friends on the neighborhood pond or lake. People would keep pucks, skates, and sticks in their car just incase a game would break out after school! I still have a few pucks laying around in my car today! People here may find it a little hard to believe but go up to the “Hockey State” and it would be hard to believe if someone there didn’t know how to play or skate. But if you don’t know how to skate or know anything more then the puck goes in the net, its ok! I’m sure were a little behind on some of the big sports down here, like basketball.


What Is Your Major And How Did You Decide On That?:

My Major is Biology and I came to a conclusion that I needed to do something in the field starting all the way back in kindergarten. I would sit for hours and watch all the medical shows on T.V. on animal planet or discovery heath. I was all over it and at some doctors appointments I would know more then my mom about what the doctor was talking about! I tried fashion design but as much as I love to draw and create things, it just wasn’t as awesome as my Human Anatomy and Biology class. It’s something I have just always had a passion for it.


Best Trip You Have Ever Taken?:

Best trip I have ever taken would be one that I take every year multiple times! I love going back home and driving out to my families Minnesota Lake home. Fishing, tubing, family barbeques, tennis, and smores! It’s always the highlight of my summers and year even! It’s the best trip just because its time to be surrounded by family and a place to just throw away your phone for the weekend and all you have is a beautiful lakefront and lots of fun!


How Have Things Changed Since You’ve Become A 12?:

The main thing would be I’m getting more random friend requests of facebook. My friend number on facebook had gone up a lot! It’s also nice to enjoy free services from places! So thankful to all of the places supporting us!


Favorite College Memory?:

My favorite college memory would easily be Spring Break of 2012!!!! Spending time in Rocky Point, Mexico with my amazing Best Friends here in Arizona Caila and Taylor! Fun days in sharkbite, on the beach and nights in baha definitely left us with memories and inside jokes that we will remember for a long time! I am looking forward to a lot more trip like Mexico in the future.


What Do You Look For In A Guy?:

I look for someone who is open, honest, easy going and who could be my potential best friend! I’ve been thrown around the block enough times to know when a guys genuine or not so it cracks me up to meet a guy who thinks he can pull a quick one on me. Needless to say they wont be hearing from me. I also need someone who has their own things going for them and can let me have space to do my own thing. I’m not a girl who wants to be clung to at all just because at 20 I know I’m young! I have a lot to learn and discover and am enjoying being independent.

Best and Worst Date?:

Best date I think I have been on is when we woke up early, got some breakfast, drove up north and went fishing! It was something different and fun but also gave me a sense of home because of my outdoor tomboy background. We threw in some friendly completion of who could catch the most and it was a lot of fun! Silly I know! But it showed me that he could possibly not only just be my boyfriend, but also a best friend.

Worst date would have to be when being taken out and the guy is always on his phone! Girls want to be looked at as something you are genuinely interested in and were not going to compete with facebook, twitter, other girls? Your boys? Or whatever is going on in that cellular device. Also blasting music that says B**** every other word. Way to set the mood guys! Girls will look at you and wonder if that’s how you look at a woman, we want to be respected. So save Tyga or any other music on his status for down the road if things are working out guys. You will get huge brownie points!

Why Did You Decide On ASU?:

I came down here during the beginning of summer about 3 years ago and loved the sunshine and the weather! Also having grandparents living here during the Minnesota winters and a half brother living in Chandler it’s a nice combination of independence and staying connected to family. I have the best of both worlds.

Tell Us About Where You Grew Up?:

Growing up in Minnesota gave me the best of both worlds. In the summers its a perfect place for lake homes, fishing, hiking, tubing, wake boarding, basically any outdoor activity or water sport you can think of. And you don’t have to drive far to do it! There are at least 2 huge lakes every 5 miles with living in the land of over 10,000 lakes! And in the winters it’s a great place for skiing snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and hockey. But if snow isn’t for you then there is always Mall Of America! I also grew up loving all of the four seasons and I’m definitely missing them with being here for school.

What’s one item you cant live without and why?:

I would have to say the one thing that I can’t live without is my Iphone! Having family and friends a far ways away I always need to feel connected with them someway or another! And when I’m in Minnesota it’s the same deal so it’s always strapped to me.

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