Why did Liz Whitney want to be a 12?

School: Arizona State University

Hometown: Moline, Il

Major: Biology

GPA: 3.0

Liz Whitney wanted to be more than just a student. Although she knows the importance of academics, Liz wanted to get invovled beyond this. Liz knew that joining the 12 meant she’d be able to have a great experience while meeting new people.


Why did you want to be a 12 girl?

I wanted to become a 12 girl to become I wanted to be more involved on campus and meet new people. I also wanted to be more involved with an activity besides academics that is fun and beneficial to me later in life.


What do you want to be when you grow up/ How will being a 12 help?

I think that being a 12 will help build my communication and people skills. Something that you will always need when trying to pursue any career. Being a 12 we meet tons of new people everyday and hopefully I can build some connections that will last me a life time.


Tell us something about you that people wouldn’t expect from just looking at you? That I have won several state championships in softball. I have planned it ever since I was 8 years old and I feel in love with the sports. Whenever I am stressed I like to go out and workout, it keeps my mind off things.


What’s your major and how did you decide on that?

I am majoring at Biology. I decided biology because it is something that really interests me and can get me where I want to be in the future. I really want to be a doctor or do something that will help other people.


Best trip you have ever taken?

My senior trip to Jamaica with my girl friends would have to be the best trip I have ever taken. It was the last time we all hung out together before we all went to different colleges and got to really bond. They are still my close friends still till this day.


How have things changed since you’ve become a 12?

I have met some really great people already as part of Tempe 12 and I am looking forward to meeting even more awesome people throughout the experience. Things haven’t really changed too drastically for me!


Favorite college memory?

All the heart to heart conversations with my roomie that I have had this year. Its nice to have someone to talk to and I can always count on here. Being away form home has been hard on me and she definitely helped me become more outgoing while starting college.

What do you look for in a guy?

When I look at a guy I look for an athletic, easy-going, faithful, tall, and someone that can make me laugh. It doesn’t take much to keep me happy. They just better make sure they can make me laugh and are athletic.


Tell us about your best and worst date?

My worst date was when a guy took me to a cheap restaurand and I had to pay. We didn’t even have an interesting conversation and he kept on looking down my shirt. My best date trip was to the lake. I love being in the water and my boyfriend at the time surprised me and took me to the lake for the day.


Why did you decide on ASU?

I decided to go to ASU because of the great weather. It almost always summer here. Plus who doesn’t love ASU. It has a great business, nursing, and baseball time!


Tell us about where you grew up?

I grew up in a Moline Illinois, a city on the border of the Mississippi river. It is known for the establishment of the John Deere. I lived in a pretty small neighborhood where everyone knew each other. My mom and dad still live there and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Although it was a small neighborhood I wouldn’t trade the memories I made their for the world!


What’s one item you can’t live without and why?

One item I can’t love without is my cell phone. I don’t know what I would do without it. It keeps me connected to everyone back home and up -to-date with whats going on here in Tempe.

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